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The English version of “Kimiwa-Hana, Bokuwa-Kaze,” the song hoping for the united world, is now available on YouTube

“U-Choir,” the choir of KCG Group composed of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) and several other institutions, recently recorded their performance of the English version of the song “Kimiwa-Hana, Bokuwa-Kaze” written originally in Japanese by Shihei Umehara, which is titled “If You Were a Flower and I Were the Wind” in English, and uploaded it on the video site “YouTube” to share it with people all over the world. Mr. Umehara, a singer-songwriter known for his piece “Orizuru,” newly wrote this song for U-Choir’s first performance to be posted on YouTube.

The recordings of the original Japanese version and Chinese version of “Kimiwa-Hana, Bokuwa-Kaze” performed by U-Choir has been put on the Internet in February this year.

Subsequently, in collaboration with some of the local and international students at KCG and KCGI, their parents, faculty of the school and choir members outside our schools such as from other schools and public, U-Choir performed the English version of “Kimiwa-Hana, Bokuwa-Kaze” under the baton of Yohei Yoshimura, the advisor of U-Choir. About 100 people joined in the recording in the hope that the song spread to the world, and this performance is now available on YouTube.

This song is subtitled “If your gift grow into a flower, I would become the wind to spread its seeds to the world.”

As some phrases in the lyrics such as: “For history’s always made by a dreamer who’s full of pride,” “You’re the one, you’re the one to be a bridge that can help this world unite” and “Give your love, love that needs no words at all, show the world how much you care” represent, this song carries a prayer for world peace.

A choir composed of local and international students from China and other countries at Kyoto Computer Gakuin and The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, faculty of the schools and people from the public.
Breaking national and language barriers, U-Choir members promote, through group singing, international exchange by conveying the beauty of Japanese language and the heart of Japanese culture to the world, and learn cultures of China and other countries.