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Lecture about supercomputer “Kei” by Mr. Yuji Oinaga(Fujitsu)

Series of special lectures commemorating 50th anniversary of KCG group, “Supercomputer ‘Kei’ The challenge for 10 petaflops” was given by Mr. Yuji Oinaga, the general manager of Fujitsu Ltd. , Head of Next Generation Technical Computing Unit on May 10, 2013.

In the lecture, Mr. Oinaga talked about history of supercomputers, and the steps of the development of supercomputer “Kei”, which made 10 petaflops feasible. He emphasized the procedure of development of “Kei” was not smooth but they have overcome a number of problems. He reported that “Kei” is ranked the third in the operation performance as of 2012, and that aims at exa-scale (Ability to realize a performance more than the operation of 10 to the 18th power in one second).

※"Kei" is a registered trademark of RIKEN.

※Super computer "Kei" is a joint development of the incorporated administrative agency RIKEN and Fujitsu.