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Collaboration with GAINAX, new CM is completed

The KCG group renovates CM taking advantage of the foundation 50th anniversary of 2013 and televises it from the end of 2012. We produced this CM by collaboration of GAINAX which was famous for KCG group and the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" series. The general managing director, Yasuhiro Takeda who belongs to animation production division of GAINAX was a professor of the KCGI, and it led to the new CM coproduction to be in charge of an animation-related lecture.

A supervisor is Sayo Yamamoto. She supervised "LUPIN the Third - Fujiko Mine" (Nippon Television /2012 April-June broadcast) which was become a TV animated cartoon after an interval of 27 years, and she won the rookie of the year title of the 16th Agency for Cultural Affairs media art festival animation section. She is an animated cartoon supervisor attracting attention most now.

Masayuki Ogisu, who is popular among people was in charge of illustration( ). He is the illustrator who played an active part in a fashion brand and an advertisement, the book and vivid coloration gets the heart of the fan and does not take their eyes off it.

The unique narration is Steve Eto. He is a percussionist(heavy metal percussionist), and his play is not only percussion instrument performance, but beating the bumper of a drum and the car with a metal pipe, scattering sparks in the voice percussion using a vocoder, or using grinder, and it is unique. New CM televises it at any time.

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