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KCGI was ranked first place by Weekly Tokyo Keizai magazine.

KCGI was ranked first place by “the degree of growth” of all private universities in the article entitled “the very strong universities ~university rankings by “the financial affairs” issued on October 27 by Weekly Tokyo Keizai. As the reason of the first rank, Weekly Tokyo Keizai commented, “The University that has grown up most in the past five years was KCGI. It was the first professional graduate school for information technology in Japan founded in 2004. It set a satellite campus in Hokkaido on April 2012, and it pushes forward the expansion of the business scale smoothly.”

KCGI was also ranked 12th place by “the degree of financial margin”, and it was ranked 21st place by "the strong private university synthesis ranking of the financial strength" that was the global assessment among the approximately 620 private universities of whole country.

By young population by the declining birthrate and increase in number of the universities by the university standard relaxation, most universities are forced to deficit operation. Such inside, KCGI got an evaluation that we possess the power that could cope with a future environmental change at the same time we secured the soundness financing situation now.

KCGI establishes Tokyo satellite on October 2012 and the foundation tenth anniversary in 2013 promises a further leap approaching.