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International Student Admission

1. Admission at a Glance

Professional Degree Program
Master of Science in Information Technology( IT)

Applied Information Technology
Web Business Technology
-Web Business Technology
-Web Systems Development
-Content Businesses
-Applied Informatics in Business
Enrollment Capacity

※The track should be selected at the time of admission.

2. Admission Policy

IT(ICT) is the field where information sciences and the management meet, and because of this there is a need for the active participation of a diverse human resource base to meet the highly complex needs of the industrial world.

Traditionally, educational programs in research-oriented graduate schools in the IT field were limited to accepting students from the engineering sciences. In that way, however, it was impossible to meet growing demand for diversified IT human resources in the industrial sector. For the growth of the Japanese industries and economy, it is necessary to train human resources with multidisciplinary backgrounds to successfully cultivate the highly specialized IT professionals needed by industries.

Taking this prospective, KCGI adopts the policy of accepting highly-motivated individuals from a wide-range of various backgrounds, not limited to students from any specific field.

[Basic Student Admission Policy]

KCGI assures all prospective students that their applications will be treated with the utmost fairness, transparency, and confidentiality. Successful applicants will be selected based on their motivation and potential capabilities to be future leaders in the IT(ICT) field ― knowing that previous knowledge, skills or techniques in IT are not the only factors needed for individuals to play an active role as productive members of society.

Even when enrollment for a certain period does not meet allocated capacity levels, students applicants who do not meet the standards set by the Admissions committee will not be accepted.

3. Qualifications for Application

Foreign (non-Japanese) individuals qualified to apply to the graduate program are those who satisfy (or are expected to satisfy) the following conditions on or before the end of March 2015 (for Spring Term applicants) or the end of September 2015 (for Fall Term applicants).

  1. Completed at least 16 years of schooling.
  2. Graduated from one of Japan's four-year colleges and universities.
  3. Those who, as foreign students, have finished a four-year program at a specialized training college in Japan.
  4. Completed and earned credits for at least 16 years of correspondence courses conducted by education institutions outside Japan.
  5. Individuals 22 years of age or older, who are found to have academic abilities equivalent to those of college graduates upon KCGI's pre-evaluation of submitted documents required for admission.
  6. Individuals with excellent academic performance recognized by KCGI's Pre-evaluation Committee and who completed 15 years of schooling in (or correspondence courses conducted by) educational institutions outside of Japan.
  7. All other cases not covered by the abovementioned, but concerning individuals who are recognized by KCGI to possess academic abilities that are greater or equal to those of college graduates.


  1. Individuals who fall under the (5) or (6) will be screened for eligibility to KCGI's Web Business Technology Department. Such candidates should refer to Section 10.
  2. To prove qualifications mentioned here, endorsement from relevant diplomatic offices may be requested.

4. Selection Methods for Admission

An applicant chooses either Selection Method 1 or 2 below before taking the entrance examination.

Selection Method 1: Oral Examination/Interview

Applicants are evaluated based on responses to an oral examination covering basic knowledge and skills and/or an interview on academic and professional accomplishments and individual career goals. An examination permit will be sent to the applicant together with information on the time, venue and other details concerning the oral examination/interview.

Selection Method 2: Paper/Document Review

Applicants are evaluated based solely on the submitted documents.

In addition to the required documents for submission(See Section 6), the applicant who chooses the Paper/Document Review method is also required to submit two recommendation letters (from an academic adviser/professor and/or a previous supervisor/manager at work).(Use Form 4 to be supplied by KCGI)

5. Application Procedures

Applicants must submit all the required documents together with the application fee (see below) to the Admissions Office either by e-mail or by courier. (We recommend the use of DHL, FedEx, UPS or any of the reliable couriers for the fast and reliable services) within the stipulated application period.

Application Period: Spring (April) August 1 to December 25, 2015
Autumn (October) February 1 to June 30, 2016
Address: The Admissions Office
The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
7 Tanakamonzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8225 Japan

6. Required Documents for Admission

Please attach a Japanese translation of documents issued in other languages (alternatively, English and/or Chinese translations are also acceptable).

Applicants must submit the following documents (those who need Pre-evaluation should refer to Section 10 for additionally required documents):

  1. Application Form (Use Form 1 to be supplied by KCGI),
  2. Examination Permit and Photo (Use Form 2 to be supplied by KCGI),
  3. Certified True Copy of Transcript of Grades (Issued by the relevant academic institution and placed in a sealed envelope),
  4. Certificate of document certifying residency or enrollment (Certified copy issued by the relevant academic institution) if the applicant is enrolled at such an institution,
  5. Copy of University Diploma or any document of certification of graduation,
  6. Physical Examination Certificate (Use Form 3 to be supplied by KCGI) issued by a medical institution within 3 months from the date of application,
  7. A Self-recommendation essay and Statement of Purpose (Approximately 400 to 800 words in English or 1,000 to 2,000 characters in Japanese). Write about your educational background, past academic achievements as well as field of specialization and your research/study objectives, motivation for graduate studies as well as career goal or plans after graduation. For details, please see (4) "About the Self-introduction and Statement of purpose, and the Short essay" under the Important notes,
  8. A Short Essay: (Approximately 800 to 1,600 words in English or 2,000 to 4,000 characters in Japanese). Give a short discussion on your favorite topic. For details, please see (4) "About the Self-introduction and Statement of purpose, and the Short essay" under the Important notes,
  9. Japanese Language or English Language Proficiency Test results (Copy). For those holding both results, please submit copies of them.
  10. Finances support-related documents,
    1. Letters of Guarantee affirming ability to shoulder all costs. (To be written in guarantor's native language. Applicant will attach the Japanese translation).
    2. Official document showing relationship of Guarantor with the Applicant (Issued by the appropriate official/public institution authorized to certify such documents),
    3. Copy of a bank statement showing current balance,
    4. Other documents describing the source of finances,
      1. For those employed, please submit a certification of employment and (amount of) salary,
      2. For those who serve on the board of public companies, please submit a Certificate of Corporation Registration and the corresponding Financial/Income statement,
      3. For the self-employed: Copy of business permit and Financial/Income statement,
      4. For cases other than the abovementioned(Nos.1-3), please provide other documents showing the source of finances(Ex. Copy of the guarantor's entire bankbook),
  11. Copies of Income Statement and Tax return receipts for the past three years.
  12. Certified copy of the Birth Certificate (or Family Registry document), issued in the past 6 months,
  13. Four photographs (size 4cm (length) × 3cm(width) taken in the past 6 months) with applicant's name and nationality written in the back of each of the photograph,
  14. Copy of the Passport (Pages showing the Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, and date of issue and validity of the passport),
  15. An application fee of 30,000 JPY. The payment should be transferred to the bank account specified below (for details, please refer to the Important Notes below),
  16. Two recommendation letters (from an academic adviser/professor and/or a previous supervisor/manager at work)*.(Use Form 4 to be supplied by KCGI),
    *Only the applicant who chooses the Paper/Document Review method.
  17. Other additional documents for Reference (Optional):
    Applicants may submit additional materials (certificates of civil service qualifications and foreign language ability, statements of special employment history or other materials describing their duties, publications and articles, letters of recommendation, etc).


  1. Please provide clear photocopies or photographs of the original documents underlined in the list above. No reduction or enlargement of photocopies should be done.
  2. Documents submitted will only be used for evaluation of admission credentials and will not be used for any other purposes. However, all application documents submitted will not be returned.

7. Notification of Results

Applicants will be sent a notice of the results via express mail or e-mail.

8. Admission and Enrollment Procedures

The successful candidates are required to send the following:

  1. A pledge or commitment to enter the graduate program,
  2. Remittance of School Fees (Please refer to more specific instructions below).

Failure to accomplish the necessary procedures by the specified date may lead to cancellation of admission. The successful candidates are advised to notify our office of any difficulty in completing the above procedures by the specified date. Guidelines and forms related to the admission and enrollment procedures will be enclosed with the notice of the results sent to the successful candidates.

9. School Fees

School fees are as follows

  Admission Fee Tuition Fees Facilities and Miscellaneous fees Laboratory fees
First Year JPY 250,000 JPY 700,000 JPY 250,000 JPY 600,000
Second Year   JPY 700,000 JPY 250,000 JPY 600,000

  1. The tuition, facilities and miscellaneous fees as well as laboratory fees charged on a per semester basis are 50% each of the total annual fees (First semester: 50% of yearly fees; Second semester: 50% of yearly fees).
  2. The tuition and fee schedule for the second year will apply to continuing students who enroll beyond the second year.
  3. Students are required to pay JPY 30,000 upon enrollment (covering KCGI Alumni Association lifetime membership fees).
  4. Students are required to pay JPY 15,000 upon enrollment in their Second year (covering graduation fees).
  5. The fees above do not include the required premiums for “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)” (学生教育研究災害傷害保険) and “Liability Insurance coupled with PAS” (学研災付帯賠償責任保険) administered by the Japan Education Exchanges and Services (JPY 2,430 for two years).

    * Students are required to purchase “Comprehensive Insurance for Students, Lives coupled with PAS” (学研災付帯学生生活総合保険) when a guarantor is needed for part-time job after enrollment or coming to Japan (for 2014, the fee is JPY 21,860).
    ・Comprehensive Insurance For Students, Lives Coupled With PAS :
    * In case Students decline an enrollment, a written notice must be sent before the beginning of school (spring students: March 1, autumn students: September l). As a rule, the application and all attached materials, as well as fees accepted by KCG/KCGI offices will not be returned or refunded. However, materials and fees except documents for admission and an application fee will be returned if students acquire the student visa.

10. Pre-evaluation of Admission Credentials

In addition to the required documents specified in Section 6, the following documents are required for individuals who are applying with qualifications (5) or (6) described in Section 3.

Please attach a Japanese translation of documents issued in other languages (alternatively, English and/or Chinese translations of the documents are accepted).
  1. Application for Pre-evaluation of admission credentials (please use Form 5 provided by KCGI),
  2. For Qualification 6) Applicants (or students who completed 15 years of schooling in or correspondence courses conducted by) educational institutions outside of Japan:
    1. Recommendation written by a faculty member acting as an adviser to the applicant,
    2. List and details of the courses in the undergraduate program where the applicant is in.


  1. Application fees will be refunded to students whose qualifications are denied.
  2. For Qualification 5) applicants, please submit a Transcript of Grades issued by the academic institution last attended. For Qualification 6) applicants, please submit a True copy of Grades issued by the academic institution where the applicant is currently enrolled.

11. Scholarship System

KCG has a scholarship program that fosters competent individuals who can contribute to society as advanced professionals in the future. We encourage students with excellent academic and leadership qualities who are capable of undertaking full-time studies to apply to this program. Interested applicants should read the following guidelines carefully before applying to take the scholarship examination. There are

(1) Scholarship System*

Type Overview
KCGI Special Grant Exemption from total amount of school laboratory fees and First year facilities and Miscellaneous fees.
KCGI Memorial Grant Exemption from the total amount of First year school laboratory fees.
Type A Grant JPY 250,000 exemption from First year Tuition fees
Type B Grant JPY150,000 exemption from First year Tuition fees
Student Loan based-grant Maximum loanable amount of JPY40,000 per month without interest until graduation.
Students under this grant have to pay back more than JPY20,000 per month. He/she will start to pay back right after the end of the loan period. Length of the payback period is twice as long as the loan period. (Ex. For a total student loan of JPY480,000 borrowed over 12 months, student must start paying back at least more than JPY20,000 from the 13th month for a period of 24 months.)

* A few slots are available for each category.

(2) Application Procedures

Please fill out the following documents below and submit together with the entrance exam application form to the Admission Office before the specified deadline.

  1. Required documents
    1. Scholarship Application Form
    2. Certified True Copy of the Transcript of Grades
    3. Certification of Graduation (or Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation)
    4. Recommendation letter (optional)

    The Certified True Copy of the Transcript of Grades, Certification of Graduation (or Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation), and the Recommendation letter (optional) need not be submitted if it overlaps with the requirements for the Entrance Examination.
  2. Examination date/ Place
    The schedule of the entrance examination is the same as the school-wide examination on the academic calendar. Applicants will be notified of the date, time and place of the examination which will be printed on the examination permit that will be sent by post to the applicant’s mailing address.
  3. Examination details
    There will be a written test (short essay) and an interview (to be held on the day of the Entrance examination).
  4. Notification of Results
    Applicants will be notified of the final decision of the scholarship committee together with the entrance examination results.

Important notes

(1) Filling up the Application form (Form 1):

  1. Answer all the questions enclosed by the bold lines shown in Form 1. (For those submitting via post, please write legibly in blue or black ink).
  2. Be sure to provide accurate information regarding your current address and telephone numbers where we can easily contact you.
  3. When sending the required photographs via post, please write your name and nationality at the back of the photos.

(2) Payment of Application Fee:

  1. The application fee of JPY 30,000 (plus the commission and charge of JPY 1,500 collected by the receiving bank in Japan) must be paid via electronic bank transfer to KCGI’s account:
    Name of bank:
    Branch name:
    Kyoto Branch
    Bank address:
    691 Takanna-cho Karasuma-Dori, Shijo-Agaru, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8153 , Japan
    Bank telephone number:
    Name of Account holder:
    The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
    Type of Account:
    Ordinary savings account
    Account Number:
    Account holder’s address:
    7 Tanakamonzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8225
    Account holder’s phone number:
    SWIFT Code:
  2. Submit a copy of the “Approved Bank Remittance Slip” together with the other documents to KCGI.
  3. Please use applicant’s name as the sender of the bank remittance.
  4. Application fee shall not be refunded (except for those who fail to clear the pre-evaluation).

(3) Submission of Other Required Documents and Forms:

  1. Accomplish all forms as accurately as possible since all the submitted documents will be used as the basis for the oral examination/interview.
  2. Please download or make extra copies of the prescribed forms in case the space provided for your answers is inadequate.

(4) About the Self-introduction and Statement of purpose, and the Short essay

  1. Please use a word processor and submit a printed copy.
  2. Each document must be accompanied by a cover page indicating the applicant’s name.
  3. For the latter, the applicant can choose a topic of his/her own interest, such as:
    “IT and international business”,
    “How to tackle global warming”
    “Privacy issues in an information-based society.”

(5) Documents for Pre-Evaluation of Qualifications:

Form 5 is required only for individuals who apply for Pre-evaluation of qualifications.


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