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Frequently Asked Questions

About KCGI

What kind of a graduate school is KCGI?

What kind of a graduate school is KCGI?
A. The KCGI is a professional graduate school approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. It was founded in April 2004 as the very first IT professional graduate school in Japan. Those who have completed all the required courses will be awarded Master of Science in Information Technology (MS in IT).
“The professional graduate school” is a newly established system of Japan, based on the 2003 revised School Educational Law, which aims to train highly skilled professional human resources.

About Students

What is the ratio of computer experienced with respect to inexperienced) students?

The figures vary each year, but on the average its 50:50.

Are there working students?

Yes, there are many students who are currently working. For job-related reasons, a maximum of two (2) years leave of absence (LOA) from school is permitted.

Career Outcome

Which companies are recent employers of KCGI graduates?

The main employers of the 2006 graduates are below. Some KCGI graduates have started their own venture business companies.

Which companies are recent employers of KCGI graduates?

  • KDDI Corporation
  • NTT Advance Technology Corporation
  • Japan IBM Business Solution
  • Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Shiga Fujitsu Software
  • Benic Solution Corporation
  • IT Frontier Corporation
  • CRC Solutions
  • Shimadzu System Development Corporation
  • Japan Railway Information System Company
  • CEC (Computer Engineering and Consulting, Ltd.)
  • Cybird Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • IMG Japan (The Information Management Group)
  • Daiko Denshi Tsushin, Ltd.
  • Ryoyu Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Jais Ltd.
  • Katena Corporation
  • Muratec Information Systems, Ltd.
  • Medical Systems Corporation
  • Sanko Co., Ltd.
  • Others