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Curriculum - Blending Information Technology and Business Administration

Courses are categorized into 3 groups: IT Core Courses, Web Business Core Courses and Career Reinforcement Courses.

To be advanced professionals in web business, students take 2 required courses(Introduction to Web Business, and Leadership Theory) in the first semester and acquire the fundamental knowledge on implementing web business. Depending on their backgrounds and future career, students complete a required number of elective courses.

Course Structure
Course Structure

Program of Study

Web Business Technology Program
This program aims to obtain knowledge and skills to optimize enterprise management and to become a CIO of an enterprise especially with a help of ERP systems. Themes include SAP FI and SD to become specialists of ERP for optimizing business activities in enterprises. Business strategies using the Internet are important topics as well as CRM and SCM. The Data Ware House is also a theme to make the themes above possible as a back born system for business intelligence.
Web Systems Development Program
This program aims to obtain knowledge and skills for development of actual systems. It will focus more on technical aspects of topics of networking and cutting-edge technologies in ICT fields. Themes include information security issues and secure network design issues. Fast-evolving Web technology is also a theme for creating various applications.
Content Business Program
This program is provided for students who aspire to be an expert in Anime and game related fields. Japanese Anime has a high reputation worldwide for advanced techniques and expressiveness. Also, it is known worldwide that world-leading techniques, which have entertained the world, are involved in the creation of Japanese game content. This program aims to study Anime and gaming from business perspective as well as planning and producing. Themes include study of content business models, creation of smart phone contents, e-publication and creation educational contents.

IT Core Courses

This group of courses, drawn upon ACM's "A Web-Centric Model Curriculum," consists of fundamental subjects designed to master essential technology for web businesses: System Design/Database, Web Development and Networking, Programming; and advanced level courses designed to master theoretical issues: Information Security, Network Optimization Theory, Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, Advanced Topics in System Theories, and Theories of Data Mining, etc.

Web Business Core Courses

As to leaders, our curriculum provides not only knowledge and skills for business administration, but essentials for educational technology for in-house education. Subjects related to content development is also included as it is becoming known to be important especially for web.

Web Business Core Courses can be categorized into five different groups of subjects with an emphasis on business related fields including: ① Business Environment and Strategies (Advanced Topics in Business Administration, e-Commerce Methodologies, Internet Business Strategies and Marketing, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Anime Planning, Production and Promotion, Contents Industry, Current Issues in IT Industry), ② Content Development (Rich Media Content Development, Scenario and Storyboarding, Instructional Animation Development), ③ Project Management (IT Business Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Business Models), ④ Business Management (Information Systems for Enterprises, System Integration and eBusiness, Production Systems Engineering, Advanced Business Statistics, Financial Accounting System Development), and ⑤ Education (Leadership Theory, Instructional Design in e-Learning Business, International Comparative Study of School and Corporate Education, Technical Communications Skill, Fundamentals of e-Learning Systems). While learning how to utilize IT technologies in IT Core Courses, through the Web Business Core Courses, students acquire good knowledge of business and become aware of various issues.

Career Reinforcement Courses

This group of courses, consisting of practical subjects, is intended for developing students' ability to design and carry out projects. These courses are designed to foster creativity along with abilities to examine many facets, abilities to judge in proper and flexible manners and leadership abilities. These courses, that may be called "clinical projects," are equivalent to master's theses at existing research graduate schools.

Toward the end of all the coursework, in the second semester(1st year), students register for one of the following three programs, which aims to develop their practical skills to be utilized in the industry.

  • Web Business Technology Program
      - Analyzing and proposing new business model
  • Web Systems Development Program
      - Developing a new information systems
  • Contents Business Program
      - Creating educational or promotional contents using animation
      - Studies of Content Business industry